Well it’s nearly the end of 2013 ! Soon 2014 will appear with all it’s newness and freshness .The village as had an interesting year of comings and goings. Like every Sasha lover there comes a time when you may need to sell one Sasha or two in order to buy another Sasha’s that’s taken your eye.
The DH accuses me of running a Dr Barnado’s care home when I send or sell another Sasha or Gregor ! But I look at it that my selling of one of my dolls gives someone else the chance to welcome that Sasha into their home while I welcome someone else’s.

The year of the Blonde saw some beautiful Sasha’s appear for all to admire and share and I thank all the lovely people who sent me their Sasha’s photo’s so that I could share them with everyone who passes by and stops to look.

Some new village members made more of an impact than others ( Reuben) while older members pushed their way into the limelight ( Mossy).

We held the first Chap N Snap, a gathering for Sasha lovers to have a good chat and meet up with old friends and make some new ones and also Snap up an outfit or three for their Sasha children. Everyone had such a good time that we will be holding another one in the coming New Year.I would like to thank my family and friends who worked so hard to make it all happen and also all those of you bought their tickets so well in advance that I knew we would just about break even, Then a big thanks to all the lovely sellers who travelled so far and wide and gave us such lovely things to buy we all spent a small fortune and would have spent more if we’d had it!!

Finally I would like to Thank all the people who stop by to view my ramblings and tales of Sasha’s and their bears. It is lovely when people take time to comment and give their thoughts and tales , conversations run amongst us all as we ‘chatter’ amongst the comments given.And for those who are unable to leave a comment but take the time to email or tell me when we meet how they have enjoyed this post or that one and also those who just come and look and carry on, you are all most welcome and I do appreciate you all.


Dee xxx