I hope everyone had a lovely Sasha filled year in 2013, I know I did . I was given an NP Sasha and although she was a gorgeous girl I found that for me, she could not be a plaything! Strange I know , maybe if I had bought her years ago for a lot less or was a rich woman I would have been able to just disregard her cost but no. However It was lovely owning one if only for a short time and she’s gone on to an owner who thinks nothing of letting her dash about the garden, climbing on walls and falling off!! So she is having a whale of a time, which is great and how it should be.After a lovely visit to Dawn’s in the Summer, where the DH had his first encounter with Sasha people, I came home inspired by her ever growing French pram collection , how many is it now Dawn 12, 13 14? and so was on the look out for one to call my own.
Normally these prams are like gold dust but suddenly a couple appeared and just when I had some funds to buy! So I was in there lick-a-t-split and also a few weeks later the DH saw and purchased one for me so I went from having none to having three!

So Greedy !! I can hear some say but these prams are just the same as Sasha’s, A collection, each one I have is different to the other. Two being by Doucet  , one white and one navy blue and the third being by Red in white. If you saw my Christmas post you will see that the DH bought me a Blue & White one by Red for Christmas, so now there are four, two by each maker and both in different colours, If I was to see any of the same colour and make of prams I would not buy them as I already own those but I may possible buy another if it is in a beautiful colour I do not own but then again first I would need to find it and second have the money to buy it!! and in truth I am very happy with the four I own so have no plans to add to them.but I never say never….

I have managed to get some wonderful props for the village, which I will be able to use this year.I do like to see photo’s like the ones on Sasha Commoneo blog , Dollmum and Sashamania, where  everywhere is full of Sasha sized items and furnishing to make you spend time investigating all the little extra’s in the photo’s.
Karin’s blog Sashamania is particularly good at having another story happening around the one on show!
I am hoping that by the summer I will have a place to store and use these props because I have boxes of little items that are never used because it’s to time consuming to sort through them.

I will also be trying to dress the Sasha’s and Gregor’s well and working on taking photo’s that are in focus! and lovely like Ellen Church and Kendal Hackney, two excellent Sasha photographers, whose Sasha Children are well turned out and beautifully photographed.
I will of course also be taking some of my usual skirt tucked in the knickers, shirt out of trousers, hair and arms all akimbo photo’s 🙂 cannot be to perfect or it would not be me!!

New year resolutions? Well I am not one to make them and then skip round the truth in whether I actually fulfilled them, so I will make a few which I am sure will fall by the wayside but it’s nice to try and actually see how long they can last, even if it’s only for a day!!!

I am pleased to say that I have almost all the Sasha’s I would like to own, so therefore should not need to buy more than a couple more if and when they come up or sale. In the early days of Sasha collecting you tend to buy whatever you see and some just because they are going for a good price!! But it’s a bit like the sales if you did not need it , it was not a bargain!!

I found that last year I was over the It’s a bargain press the buy button or she/ he’s got a nice face buy them and that goes the same for clothing, I now think about what I need or want against that’s made of a nice fabric so lets buy/bid on it!
So this year I will only buy , should I be fortunate and they turn up for sale at a time I can afford them, the very few Sasha’s left on my wish list.
I am also going to start using my fabric and make one item at least a month ! So at least twelve pieces of fabric will get used this year!! lol

The same goes for my wool stash which I am pleased to say as not been added to recently but cannot promise that it won’t be but I want to start using some of the patterns I have to make things either for the Sasha’s or Gregor’s or for other uses.I do really need to get this wool used up, therefore freeing up boxes and space.

And to sell on all the things Sasha I do not use! Therefore again freeing up space and also getting back some of the cash spent on them.

And to try and complete a storyline before moving on to another! This will be a hard one to stick to! as the stories come from out of the blue and take shape as I set up and photograph the dolls and bears, so sometimes I will start out with one idea and then write something totally different! So we will see how long that one lasts!!

The next Chat n Snap will be announced soon, so will be working on a new theme for that , I have a few idea’s and hope that lots of people will take the time to come and join in this year.

Well I have rambled enough for now.

Hugs to all
Dee x