I was looking at Sharon’s blog and was very interested in the Question and Answer posts she did not her BJD dolls and also her Sasha’s.She said to have a go, so i decided I would.If any one else would like to answers these Questions, feel free to send your answers to me and I will add them to the post under mine, It will be interesting as to how many fess up!!

1/ How long have you been in the Sasha hobby?

January 2010

2/ How many Sasha dolls do you have at home?

I have 22  Girls, 6 Boys, 1 Toddler and 5 Babies

3/ What are their names and types?

Liberty a Ltd Ed Pintuck Blonde
Violet  a Ltd Ed Velvet Brunette
Sapphire a Ltd Ed Velvet Brunette
Harriet Bonham Carter ( Hattie ) a 80’s red haired waif
Paige a 69 Dungaree girl Red haired
Verity a early 69 Dungaree girl Red haired
Belinda a 68 single fringe Blonde girl
Jocelyn a 68 blonde waif
Claudia a 70 brunette
Rosina a 69 Brunette
Cornelia a 70’s waif with wig
Arabella a 60’s No Nose Yellow eyed red haired girl with lashes
Virginia (Ginny ) a 69/70  red haired No Navel waif
Winter a 69/70 Brunette No Navel
Raven a 69/70 Brunette No Navel
Ashley a 69/70 Blonde No Navel
Agnetha a 69/70 Blonde No Navel
Calico Kate a 60’s red haired slate eyed
Simone a 60’s Blonde Slate eyed
Christy  a 60’s Brunette pale slate eyed
Marcella ( Marcie ) a 60’s red haired yellow eyed waif
Sophie Elizabeth  a 2000 Sophia Blonde haired
Tobias ( Toby) a 70’s brunette
Zak  a 70’s brunette waif
Duncan a 80’s red haired blue cord
Nathaniel ( Nate ) 68 red haired  Shorts boy
Percy a 69 PJ blonde
Erik a 68 NP Eyed Blonde
Storm a Gotz blonde Esther
George a 85 Red Haired Ginger
Elton Ron a 70’s Blonde sexed waif
Quinn a 70’s curly mohair re root by Bettina
Rosie a 70’s blonde
Mia a Gotz Stine blonde

4/ Which doll have you had the longest? How long has that been?
Liberty my Pintuck, she was the first Sasha I ever bought back in Jan 2010
5/ Which doll is your favourite?
Very hard question because I have several and also some change and become favourites when I handle them more.
But the one’s I would keep until the bitter end are Hattie, Toby, Zak, Ginny and Liberty, there may be others but these one’s are the core, I love the look of the 68 dolls, so Belinda , Jocelyn, Nate and Erik are favoured but I also love the No Navels!!.

6/ Are you waiting on any dolls now? If yes which one?
Yes but that would be telling!!! One I have been getting since before Christmas and another that is a total surprise!!

7/ What is your grail doll?
I do not know if I have a grail doll? There are Sasha’s I would love to add to my Clan, A red haired Blue eyed No Navel, a Blonde haired brown eyed No Navel and a Red haired 68 single fringe but they would have to be the ‘right’ one, the one that connects with me.
I had an Np for a while but we did not connect and so she went on her merry way and I do not see the NP’s as the grail, maybe a beautiful Studio doll would be nice to own but not something I must have but would not say no if I fell over her at a good price!!

8/ did you learn something new because of this hobby?
I have been surprised at the things I know about these dolls information that’s wormed its way in and stayed!

9/ Have you made any friends you might not have because of this hobby?
Yes I have made lovely friends through this hobby, some that I have been lucky to meet and some that I hope to in the future and some I may never meet but whose comments and ‘company’ I enjoy immensely !

10/ What are your doll plans for the coming year?  
I have no doll plans for this year , I am very happy with the dolls I have and will not be actively looking to increase but who knows what the future holds ? Not I !