Well what a treat was awaiting me tonight when I checked my emails and came across some from Ellen Church with photo’s of the hats she made last winter for her Sasha’s and Gregor’s.

Well after looking at these beautiful hats, I had to stop Hattie from booking her ticket to visit Ellen so that she could examine these wonderful creations and chat with Ellen about colour and design.
Hattie is still grumbling up in her bed!!

Let me show those of you have not seen them, some of these creations!


First up is a box of hats and gloves.Such wonderful colours, we love colour in this Village!.


So pretty and colourful


Love hat with cable trim.


Hat with toadstool design and tassel.


Just love the colour of this outfit topped with a very pretty hat.

IMG_3735another gorgeous colour set.


Lovely colour mix


So many great colours and designs to choose from! Love them all but particularly the one on the bottom row on the left, the two with the rabbits running round the hats, all the ones with hearts…well all of them really!!


Another gorgeous colour set topped with a pretty hat.


Another fabulous coloured set, loving them rabbits…excuse me a moment….

” Hattie !! Cancel that taxi to the airport now!! No you will not fade away if you do not go to see Ellen!
that was a very rude word! Get to bed NOW! before I send your dad up there!”

Now where was I …. Oh yes Hats!!!


A gorgeous No navel girl in a lovely fair Isle style hat.


Lovely warm Red for the winter weather.




lovely heart design.

IMG_3902A lovely no navel wearing this beautiful colour set.


Lots of pretty matching gloves.


Rabbit’s running round the hat!.


I hope you enjoyed these Photo’s of Ellen Church’s Gregor’s and Sasha’s in their lovely Winter wear with Hat and gloves lovingly knitted by her……Now I must run….

“Hattie what times our flight ? Have you checked the weather in the US? Will we need hats?……..”


Many thanks to Ellen for sharing these photo’s and we wish her well with her knee operation next month and a quick recovery.

Please remember these photo’s are the property of Ellen Church and you would need her permission for using them in any way.