This year I am going to concentrate on props!!! which will help with the telling of the tales and story’s.
and also because any excuse to get things that are small and a good size for the Sasha’s.
I have always loved perfectly sized replica’s of everyday items, which is probably why I love doll houses and all their furniture etc.

The nice things about Sasha’s is that the props are bigger but still small enough to give one that frill of getting something just the right size! I am forever standing in shops, garden centres or looking on websites sizing up items to see if they will be a good size for the village!
Then there is the debate in a shop , is this the right size? will it look good? where will I use it? and do I really need to buy the set just because I want the smallest item!!

But I have always been a lover of these small items , so it’s really not a trial to have to make a purchase or two!!

I love looking at other Sasha blog’s and seeing the items that they have managed to source, which look so good and I wonder do they wander round the shops with a Sasha tucked under their arm, which they stand beside a likely looking item to see if it’s the right size? or do they carry a tape measure and can be seen measuring a small jug or box muttering that’s it’s too big or too small??
I’m beginning to get ‘Sasha’ eye…being able to make a good call for the size of something that might just do!

One of the problems of being a teller of Sasha Tales is that you do need some props to help set the scene and I also think it’s great when I see other’s tales and photo’s and can spend time going back again and again to admire their settings and all the things in the scene they have set.


Here is Ellen Church’s Armchair and footstool , a thing of beauty in it’s own right,  being a good size for Sasha an added bonus!.

I’m looking forward to being able to set up some scenes in the summer once we sort out the workshop/studio.
So all info  for Sasha sized goods and where to purchase is always welcome and I will share the details on my info page for others.

You will not believe what I have planned for the Chat n Snap !!! 🙂