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February’s brunette of the month is the beautiful Barbara who belongs to Brigitte.

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Here is a photo of Barbara’s foot giving her history.

It is always nice to know were dolls come from, and luckily I know some of the history of this beauty.  It is about seven years that I have seen her first on a Swiss sales portal but her price was out of what I could pay. With the help of some doll friends I bought her a few months later and I am very happy to have her in my collection. Her ex-mom went to the Sasha’s studio with her mother and got her from the artist’s hands. She was a present from her mother for finishing the school for kindergarten teacher. Barbara was chosen because the lady wanted a doll that looks like a gipsy girl, she is quite dark, and I have never seen another like her. (Except of the ethnic dolls with the special clothes of course.) Barbara moved to South America and back to Switzerland and was most of her time in the kindergarten were her owner was teaching.
I have been told the original socks were olive green but lost, the lady said she did not like them.
So her socks are new, made by me, the rest is original clothing, but not labelled
Thank you Brigitte for giving us some of your lovely studio girl’s history it is so nice to know why she was purchased by her first owner and where’s she’s travelled.
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I think Brigitte’s sock’s are a lovely match for her dress. Thank you Brigitte for sharing her and her history with us.
If not for collector’s like yourself, who are willing to take photo’s and share them ,  we would never have a chance to see these beauties .
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Both Brigitte and I forgot about the close up photo of Barbara, so here it is…