Jenni has set us a question about her Gregor?Sasha. He started life as a Red haired Gregor and was had his eyes painted by Melody Mock and turned into a girl But Jenni cannot quite find it in her to see him as a her!

Here are some photo’s

P1010296Lovely dress.


Love the eyes and the freckles.

Personally I think that in lots of cases a Gregor turned into a Sasha still looks like a Gregor, their boyishness shines through!

And I think that this young lad looks like a boy wearing a dress, I think that with his new face painting he would make a great boy, needing a lovely Celtic name.I think with his hair being so short he does not quite make it as a girl.

She was named Ruari the female of the Gaelic name Rory.I think Rory needs to get a nice pair of trousers and a very boyish top and he would be a very handsome lad.

What do other’s think ? Jenni awaits your comments, to decide this one’s future…..