Yes you guessed it, Duncan is in Hattie’s clothes and Hattie in Duncan’s!



I would like to point out that this had nothing to do with me!! The earlier photo’s of where they were standing, in each others place was how I found them this morning when I went to look out of the front window and thought Hattie’s hair looks odd!
Then thought BLUE eyes! what! the penny dropped and I looked over to where Duncan had been standing with the boys and saw Hattie in Duncan’s clothes!!

Who you are wondering did this if not me! Well It was my eldest daughter Lauren!! Today was the only day this week that I have not been up ready for work when she’s called to drop off Archie her Westie and collect her sister to go to the station to travel to London where’s she been on a course for work!
She waits about 30 mins for her sister to get herself ready to leave and this is what idle hands get up to when mum’s not about!

She told me when she arrived home to collect her dog that she would have done more if she’d had more time!!!
I’m sure Hattie will be ok but Duncan may need counselling !!