Despite having to sell a few of my Sasha’s recently ,a Sasha collector is always wheeler dealing!! which basically means I have purchased another doll!
My new doll arrived today Valentine’s day and although I had already settled on a name when I bought the doll, in the last few days the name Valentine kept coming to the fore. Then low and behold the doll arrived today while I was out shopping.
When I was very young I had an uncle Val , he was my great uncle’s brother in law and I would see him when we visited my Nan and Granddad at Christmas and Easter and on the odd Sunday as my Great Aunt and Uncle rented the upstairs rooms of the house where my grandparents lived.
Val would always be accompanied by his sister Hetty , both unmarried, so lived together but would always come for the big yearly celebrations.
Val was a very tall thin man and very shy and it was not until I was in my early teens that I asked what the Val stood for.
Hetty told us that it stood for Valentine as that was the day Val had been born and so he’d been given that name.I remember saying what a great name to have, which pleased the shy elderly Val.Well Val seems to have been very much in my thought’s today and when I arrived home  my parcel was here. I decided I would name the doll Valentine.
Now this is where the ‘talking ‘ doll comes in. I had bought myself a unisex slated eyed brunette gotz having wanted one for a while but kept missing out then I saw this one who had a lovely face and did a deal and then she was on her way!Yes I say she because that was what she was going to be a lovely brunette girl BUT when I opened the parcel and unwrapped her , HE looked back at me!
But I wanted a GIRL ! but HE was having none of it!
Maybe I should have realised as today I had been thinking ‘ how do they know that uni sexed Gotz are unisex and not boys! After all you have no nose girl’s and boys and Trendon girl’s and boy’s and even  no navel girls’ and boys, so how come slated eyed are girls and unisex? I know there are sharp nosed boy’s Are they the boy to the girl ? So how come this is the only group that as uni sex dolls?Anyway He!  Valentine ! Looked back at me and said clear as day BOY!
I showed him to Paul and explained about unisex dolls and he said ” Well his a boy!” WHAT! I wanted him to be a HER!
I was not to be defeated so easily , I gave THE doll a wash and washed THE doll’s hair and then sorted out some clothes, a set of boys and a set of girls…so here are the photo’s!!!
After a wash and hair wash.
I put boy’s clothes on first so when I dressed THE doll in girl’s clothes I could leave them on.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe hair is not so thick like lots of other unisex although there is plenty of it. Valentine is looking pleased with this look…..
Then I put on the girl’s clothes a lovely dress set by Ginny that I had bought and not got round to using and had bought down to change one of the other girl’s into. I think THE doll looks awkward in this photo?
The hair is still wet from washing!
I put Valentine with Simone
and with Duncan…
I tried leaving THE doll in the dress but THE doll was not happy! Paul told me not to even put HIM in a dress!!! I of course ignored him!
Well my Valentine surprise was I thought I was getting a GIRL but it would appear that a BOY arrived!
Don’t you wish these doll’s would not talk sometimes!!HAPPY VALENTINE EVERYONE