I’m not sure if you know this but I am a BIG fan of the No Navels ! Once upon a time I did not even like them…..yes it’s true but then as with most things Sasha I saw the light!! And now they hold a special place in my Sasha heart!

A while back Ellen Church informed me there were TWELVE no navel’s in different combinations that could be collected, YES twelve. It is not my intention to own twelve but it would appear that I do have trouble resisting them !

So it should come as no surprised that another No navel girl arrived this morning to join the clan! I did try to resist but she is a brown eyed blonde, a combination I have wanted for a while, so when I saw her I resisted for about ten minutes then caved! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have called her Sansa and she is dressed in a Vintage Sasha button smock with Gill socks and Jean Jensen shoes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She stands well which is always a bonus. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A close up of her face. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It is very overcast and quite cool today but she was very good standing about outside while the photo’s were taken. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   another close up, she has the most beautiful long hair.
So now there are seven ! will any more slip in I wonder ? I must say that I would love a waif with shorter hair  and in truth if I see one that’s to gorgeous to resist…but I’m not after the twelve…..honest!


I may try this red set on Winter as I do like the brunettes in red !