Liberty my pintuck limited edition Sasha, who just also happens to be the first Sasha I ever bought, I won her on Ebay .com which is why she’s called Liberty or Libby for short.

Today I finally got round to changing her out of her Village trend clothing of tights, long sleeved dress , boots and beret!.She’s feeling much happier.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s wearing the final button smock I have in a wonderful rich blue.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Her eyes are now brown having changed over the years. She reminds me of my youngest daughter who also has brown eyes and blonde hair. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here she is standing on the covered bench in the garden and who can see her striped socks by Sharon and her Jean Jensen shoes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   another shot of this beautiful outfit by the wondrous Sarah Of Vintage Sasha.



another close up.

I do love these button smock sets of Sarah’s. If the weather’s dry tomorrow or Sunday I may try for the photo with all of them in that are wearing these outfits! Mind you I will need to find somewhere long enough to stand them all!