I was hoping to take some photo’s in the garden today but the sky was grey and cloudy with the constant threat of rain. I went out to the very end of the garden to look at the area that I had commented on to Kendal as the coolest, shady place in our garden in the summer. Then of course I started to see the weeds and next thing I was weeding and sweeping while any glimpse of  a tiny ray of sun was covered by more grey cloud. So I decided to take just a couple of photo’s showing this area. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Libby and Sansa came with me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the very back right hand corner of our garden and in the summer is sheltered by the trees behind the fence. So the sun does not get into here . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In the summer there is a small wooden table and two chairs that sit on the circle waiting for people to rest and look back up the garden and ponder . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the view from the paved circle back up the garden to the house, you can see the Lychgate ahead, the shady area in yesterdays post is at the end of this path and ahead on the right.

Well I had decided the weather was too iffy to chance bringing out all the girls for a mass Button smock photo shoot because if it started to rain it was a long way back to the house and it was quite windy.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Oh Hello where have you three come from? The house? I see well you’d best get back before it rains. It’s too grey for a multi Sasha shoot!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Yes I know that I have a long working week ahead including a Saturday morning ! Yes that does mean it will not happen any time soon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat! there are more of you out here! Pardon? Oh you don’t agree that you should all wait for better weather next week because the No Navel girls got to strut their stuff yesterday! But if it starts raining you are all going to have to run back to the house! Raining Smaining ! is not a very nice thing to say Paige! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow where have you No navels come from? Can you all not see how grey it is! Are you not worried you’ll all get wet! No you wanted to see what the others were up to! Well now you know and you can get moving back indoors! Why can’t you? your waiting? what for? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I see!  for Ashley and Raven! Well now they are here you can all troop back indoors. Pardon? well now your here you might as well just wait for? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    … Sansa and Libby ! Well are you all here now? No? Oh only the ones wearing Sarah’s button smocks, OK , so are all the ones who have a Sarah button Smock all here? Yes!  Good ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ok some close ups. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   More close ups OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s it then close up’s complete . No? Pardon why no? Not close enough? It’s getting darker…you don’t care you want closer! Give me strength! No I did not say give me strength I said give me a tent! Yes tent ! we’ll be needing one to shelter in any minute now! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Raven, Ashley and Liberty OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jocelyn, Martha and Virginia OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Simone, Belinda and Jocelyn? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ava , Calico Kate and Simone ! Simone if you keep getting in others photo’s it’s going to take all day! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Winter, Sophie and Paige. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgnetha, Winter….Sophie… I have taken your photo close up ! Pardon It’s nothing to do with you it’s how I point my camera ! You cheeky pair ! Now I have totally missed out Sansa ! pardon Sansa’s had her photo taken more than enough times this weekend ! I hope you are not being jealous? No just truthful ….I see….. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell despite my intentions to leave this en masse photo shoot until next weekend it would appear that some Sasha village folk could not wait that long ! luckily the rain held off and they all arrived back at the house dry and well. Due to the sheltered spot no one fell over although a couple have very loose stringing so were hard to stand and a couple insisted on trying not to stand up, in the end they all behaved perfectly.