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This is a rare Brunette Brown Cord 1966 Developmental girl who I purchased from Sashadolluk a year or so ago.
All the brunette dolls from this era originally came dressed in the Gingham outfit apart from this girl who being a ‘Special’ item produced for a Doll Fair came dressed in the Brown Cord outfit with her box specially labelled Brunette Brown Cord. (Sorry haven’t a photo of the box as it’s out in the garage somewhere on one of the shelves.)
To me she has a squarer shaped face than my other two Developmental girls (and the other dolls that I have seen manufactured at this time.) On studying the Sasha Identification Book I noticed that the very first head mould for the Frido serie dolls was sculptured by Sasha Morganthaler herself (though it does go on to say that this mould was never actually put into production) and was very similar to my doll’s but when I sent some photos of her off to Susanna Lewis she said that it would be too difficult to definitely say if this was one of the very first head moulds actually used without seeing the doll in person.
She lives here alongside all the others without any extra attention or fuss being made as ALL my dolls are treated exactly the same, certainly no favourites allowed, whatever the price or condition, and as you can see she goes ‘out and about’ with the rest of them huddled together for the journeys in large blue plastic Ikea bags.
Thursday's photos 057
showing the squarer face?
Clothing changes 053
View from her other side.
In the Garden again 032
full front photo. I think we’ll have a mini photo fest there are such lovely ones that Kendal sent.
Dollydoodles.2 018
Lovely soft look this Sasha has.
Spring to 059
Full length view.
Thursday morning 054
I love the brunette’s in red.
Winter Coats and Jackets 137
Looking very country casual in this one.
d12811_008 (2)
Finally a Shelly shot that sold her to Kendal!.
Many thanks to Kendal for sharing the photo’s and info on her beautiful Sasha , who is well deserving of the brunette of the month.