I have had the last few days off due to having to sort out a problem caused by gum disease and a bad dentist!
So on Monday I had to have several teeth removed and now have a partial dental plate ! In truth I had no problem with having the teeth removed, as I knew it was the only option but was very worried about having to have something in my mouth all the time…lets be honest unless it’s covered in chocolate or a cream cake! who would!
However I am pleased to say that I am slowly getting used to it and my speech is improving, which for a chatterbox like myself is a good thing!!

So yesterday I went to visit Gill which gave me a chance to have a good natter without worrying what I sounded like.

I took a couple of my girls, with me, Callie, Simone and Ava , my slate eyed Gotz. Being totally disorganised before I left, which is not like me, I had to take their clothes with me, to change when I arrived, which meant I forgot their pants and also matching shoes, so that had to keep on the pants that matched the previous outfit and the shoes, I just changed about to give the best match.
Here they are once they’d been changed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Due to all the very heavy rain we had yesterday , they are all wearing coats to keep them dry and warm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Gill’s girls were waiting to greet them and have a good gossip like they’ve mothers! That sheep kept trying to get into the photos!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Her boy’s were out of school uniform and Neive is having her lip sorted with some milliput so at the moment it looks like she’s wearing very out there lipstick!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Her No navel girls were looking fabulous in their Vintage Sasha dungarees ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Love all of these girls ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow did you notice Mabel? Sitting quietly holding her teddy? Yes Gill,( I do not like baby’s ), now has a baby!!Love her little green dress by Ginny of a passion for Sasha. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASitting along side Mabel was another baby , a quirky eyed 69 girl, No Gill had not fallen further down the slippery baby slope ! This little one was coming home with me. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The girls wanted to go out and play in the garden but it started raining again, so Gill’s girl Miller in the dark green coat, who also wanted to play outside had to stop them! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMiller is wearing a very lovely green coat, please remember this, I will be mentioning it again later!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love this Vintage Sasha dress teamed with a Hattie beret and a pair of Lisa boots.The perfect match! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Poppy , Gill’s no nose girl taking the chicks on a cycle ride round the lounge. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     During my visit Gill received a dress from Ginny of A Passion for Sasha, which she was going to put on Miller, here is a photo along with the current sweater Gill’s knitting, I love the green of the wool. While there Gill showed me some gorgeous long socks she’s knitted for the Chat n Snap. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARight back to the green coat. I gave this coat to Gill for her birthday, which is not until September!! So for once I was very early!! But there is a very good reason ! I was getting very tempted to keep it!!!
I had bought myself a green coat a month or so earlier and had not yet used it, so when Gill’s coat arrived I was torn between which one I liked , the one that I already had or the new one!
The only difference is in the buttons and lining, so I tried them on the twins which only made me think maybe I should keep them both!!!!! So in order NOT to do that I gave Gill her coat yesterday thereby getting rid of temptation !!
Below is a photo of my coat. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhich I love but I also love the lining on Gill’s one! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Milo decided that I should be taking photo’s of him not Sasha’s while I was trying to get a photo of Sapphire! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnyway back to Gill’s, my new baby is a quirky eyed 69 girl, I did own one once but she had a wig due to falling hair which drove me mad, so I sold her then wished I’d kept her and had her re rooted.
So when I saw this little one on Shelly’s looking so sweet but still with hair even though it’s falling, I decided to invite her to come live with me. My last Quirky eyed girl was called Dulcie , so this little one is going to take that name.

Although it was still raining I thought I would show you some photo’s of Gill’s courtyard style garden. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 5 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAback to start! showing her lovely clematis on the arch at the side . due to the rain I totally forgot to take a photo facing back towards the house. I’ll ask Gill to send me one and add it later.
I love courtyard gardens and Gill’s is lovely.

Well it was soon time for me to head home before all the school children came out and doubled the time of my journey home. we’d had a great time, discussing among other things all the Sasha’s we loved on Shelly’s, clothes on Ginny’s and Ruth’s and now we still do not have enough shoes in the right colour!!!!!


garden 001 (2)

Gill very kindly sent the photo of looking back at the house that I forgot to take.