Today’s been very busy so I have only had a little time to play with my new baby Dulcie. She is a 69 quirky eyed girl with falling hair.
She still as sand in her joints! and her face looks minty. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She having a little play in the fading afternoon sun along with her Caterpillar and duck.Usually I like to have a new outfit for newcomers to the village but for one reason or another I forgot, so I have ordered her one, while she waits she is wearing a lovely romper by the talented Ginny of A Passion for Sasha.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She’s got a hold on caterpillar ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now she’s got duck and caterpillar is trying to escape. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Caterpillar’s making a break for it but it’s too late for Duck! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Duck gives in and decides to snuggle down while caterpillar makes good his escape. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA What is caterpillar doing?? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Looks like Dulcie has fallen asleep! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Caterpillar’s escaped and looks like he is off to play in the grass.. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Best be careful caterpillar you don’t want a bird thinking you are a nice big juicy worm!!!   *************************************************************************************

I found the little caterpillar the other day in a local shop and knew he would be a good size for the babies. The was also a girl caterpillar, in reds and pinks which I nearly bought as well, but now I will go back for her too!

You may want to check in tomorrow!  the reason Dulcie only had a little photo time was due to
Kennalworth……. all will be revealed on Monday……….