It was very windy today but Paige had managed to find a sheltered spot in which to rest and read to her doll Kit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe is reading Kit a story from her very own book. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA kit listened closely to the tale of her adventure. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey could hear the wind rustling the trees and shrubs around them while Paige read. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So noisy was the wind that Agnetha was almost upon them before either they or she noticed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgnetha was taking her doll Zou Zou for a walk round the garden. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Agnetha and Zou Zou joined Paige and her doll on the bench and for a while they chatted about this n that. Then the talk turned to dolls and then their dolls. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey stood the dolls up and compared their height and clothes.Paige mentioned that Kit had come with a book all about her adventures. Agentha was impressed that Kit had a book.Paige likes Zou Zou’s red coat and stripy tights. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Each gets a closer look at the others doll. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Paige wonders aloud if she can get Kit a nice red coat. Zou Zou looks worried Paige might decide to take hers! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgnetha tells her to ask mum if they make other clothes for Kit and she says she’ll ask mum  if there’s a book about Zou Zou!
Agnetha decides it’s time to head back to the house… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATaking Zou Zou’s hand Agnetha says goodbye and walks off back down the path leaving Paige to continue reading the rest of the story to Kit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But first Paige give’s Kit a hug telling her she’s the best doll in the whole wide world! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeanwhile Agnetha holds Zou Zou hand and tells her she’s the best doll in the whole wide world! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Zou Zou loves her mum best in the whole wide world too but she hope’s she’s not going to make her walk all the way home! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Yes a lovely quiet sheltered spot in the garden.


In the never ending quest for Sasha sized items, I came across Kit a mini American Girl who was being sold on ebay for a bin price which included postage, so I bought her as a play doll for the Sasha’s. She is a very good size for them and also comes with a perfect sized book for Sasha. I would not buy another one as the face does not overly appeal to me but the books are a different matter.
Zou Zou is an Helen Kish doll and has jointed arms , so they can be positioned , although a little bigger I think she still makes a good doll for the Sasha and she is much more expressive with a lovely face.She stands well.  Zou Zou was also an ebay find.