Gill very kindly sent me some photo’s of her blonde no navel girls at play, Saskia, Kasha and Yasmin. SASKIA, KASHA & YASMIN 002 All wearing VS dungarees and Karen W coats. SASKIA, KASHA & YASMIN 004 Watch out! That cheeky dog Bratwurst is trying to get a ride! SASKIA, KASHA & YASMIN 007 Now Yasmin’s trying to get a ride! there are too many on that scooter! SASKIA, KASHA & YASMIN 012 That’s better , keep hold of that dog!   SASKIA, KASHA & YASMIN 020   Oops! looks like Bratwurst is riding the scooter after all!!


Gill bought the navy coats for her twin Angela’s and then I gave her the green coat which she put on Miller her red haired gotz. However she tel’s me now she put them on her No Navels the others are out of luck! The no navel’s have claimed them for their own!
I must say these girls do look good in these coats although I think I’d try to get another Navy one to match just so they were all the same….  🙂

Many thanks for sharing the photo’s Gill, love the girls any time you want them adopted just let me know!!!