A couple of days back I saw an outfit for sale on Ebay for Sasha. It was love at first sight!
Why? a couple of reasons first well it hit my Chinz spot!! I just love floral’s always have and always will.
Second it had a hat of the film star kind and third the colour was lovely.
So luckily it was a by it now item, so I did!

It is meant for the Sasha’s but by the time it arrived I thought it would look good on my Kaye Wiggs girl Elfine.

So this morning I changed her into it and despite the blackening sky and the freezing cold!! I took her out into the garden for a few quick photo’s. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s cold out here! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You could be done for cruelty to elves!   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s not any warmer down here! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thank goodness you let me move my head , I was getting a crick in my neck! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s dark under here! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA does this come in Red? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Purple? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Green? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlue? What about……
“Elfine Do you want this outfit or not? “
Pause…. ” It will do…for now….”


Please note  NO Elves were frozen in the making of this blog post….despite what they may say!