Well what a difference from one day to the next! Saturday we had some sunshine and lots of heavy showers, Sunday was beautiful with lovely sun and just white clouds in the sky and today Bank holiday Monday it’s grey and wet!.
So Sunday was spent with family and supervising the replacing of several fence panels, so no Sasha time.
and today the world is damp! so I have taken a couple of photo’s of my blonde No Navel girls. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
It was my intention to only have two of each hair colour, so two blondes, two brunettes and two reds. The last the reds being only a faint hope due to the rarity of the reds.
However the two blondes I had both had blue eyes although in the two different eye styles of the no navel girls.
BUT I always liked the brown eyed blondes and would see them come up for sale and be quickly snapped up before I had a chance but I had two blondes so no matter.

Then Sarah decided to sell a couple of blonde No Navels and there was a beautiful brown eyed blonde! I resisted for at least a day and when no one snapped her up well I knew she was meant to come and join my girls.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   So now there are three blondes, Ashley in Yellow my first girl, Agnetha In Blue my second and now Sansa In red ! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been considering selling Agnetha BUT I do so love her, so it looks like there will be three blonde no navel girls in the clan. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA closer look at their faces. I would have taken a few more photo’s but due to how damp and wet it was outside they refused to stand around any longer, so they were back inside before I could argue the point!