OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is Sophie Elizabeth , she is a Gotz  Sofie made in 2000.She is my only girl from the later Gotz production. She comes in a blue jumpsuit with a wooden hammer, ruler and pencil, to show she is a wood worker or Maintenance person. So she was dressed on Shelly’s, looking very serious and quietly waiting. It took a while for me to give in and buy her but she had patiently waited for it to happen. When she arrived home I promised her that she would not have to wear such boyish clothes unless she wanted too! Sophie is a very quiet girl, happy to stand on the side lines watching what the others are doing, never pushing herself forward but happy when she gets a chance to shine. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Here you can see her sweet face, I love that she has brown eyes and blonde hair like my youngest daughter Courtney. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   She loves this pink smocked dress  and the pink socks and shoes. Secretly I think she’s a girly girl not a boyish girl and so never looked happy in her blue jumpsuit! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA last look at her pretty pink outfit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Sophie’s been joined by Ava. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Ava is one of the older Gotz girl’s here and from the mid 60’s. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAva is a pale skinned brunette Gotz and I found her quite by chance late one evening on US Ebay , fortunately she was on a  buy it now price , so I asked if the Lady would sent to UK, luckily she agreed and the deed was done. Her seller who was not a collector of Sasha’s and was selling her on behalf of her husband from a clearance he had done, had fallen in love with this lovely girl and was hoping that she would not sell and then she could keep her, she found her as I do a quite serene looking young girl. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  She is missing the first row of her fringe and at some time I will have it re rooted but for now , she’s happy to live with it, not being a vain child. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Her pale pink dress with a hint of raspberry suits her pale skin and being another quiet little thing she gets on well with her sister Sophie.
Many moon’s ago I did not like the Gotz!!! Now it would appear that I own more Gotz than Trendon ! Have no idea how that happened but me I just go with the flow…….