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Finally four of the boys got changed into summer wear! Only Zak is left, he’s got a cold so is refusing to change until he feels warmer! Poor lad! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   First up is Robin , in a blue and white set by Judith of Dolly Doodles. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Robin is a sweet boy who likes everyone to be happy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Next up is Erik wearing another blue and white set by Judith. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Erik believes he is a Viking and enjoys a rough and tumble. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Now we have Percy in a grey and white set by Judith of DD fame. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPercy likes working with wood and therefore Dad. He plans on building his own house when he grows up. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Lastly we have Valentine in a green set by Judith. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Valentine loves clothes and furnishing, so wants to be a designer when he grows up, He’s told Percy he’ll design all his interiors …Percy’s not too sure!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere they all are showing off Judith’s lovely summer wear. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Pardon Valentine? Oh you just want to let Judith know that you’d like a nice red set! When she decides to stop enjoying her retirement and get back to work!! Oh I’ll tell her you said that! Pardon ? oh and you’d like to go and watch how she works and…give her a few tips…mmm….let’s hope Judith’s on holiday at the moment and does not see this!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Erik, Robin, Valentine and Percy.



Boy’s you are standing a little close to the edge there!



Can you go play now? Of course you can…..