I managed to change another couple of the girls yesterday while sorting out the boys! So Ginny and Martha my red haired No Navel girl’s agreed to have a few photo’s taken. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   First up is Ginny OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   She is a favourite I must confess! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Wearing her favourite Karen smocked dress and Rosie Bloom shoes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Now it’s Martha with her hair tied back with a ribbon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Martha wants to take off the ribbon and let her hair flow free. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Martha is much happier now! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Martha is another favourite!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Ginny once again OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   such a little sweetie OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Just love this girl! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Now both girls together. Do you think you can stand a little closer? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   That’s better. Martha is older than Ginny by a couple of years and Ginny is much shyer! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   They love playing together and Martha looks out for Ginny. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I must confess I never thought I would get a full blue eyed, red haired no navel girl for years but then again I never thought I’d managed to get any red haired no navel, so just goes to show you never ever know what’s just round the corner!!

I know I should not complain but it was so sunny this evening it was hard to get a true colour on the photo’s due to where I needed to stand the girls!But after three photo shoots at three different times this evening , I finally managed to get all the photo’s I needed!

Now A question! The gorgeous Ginny has three rows of hair missing under her fringe , I am at some stage going to have it re rooted but until then I was wondering if I should get rid of the two lower rows of stubble? If you look at some of the closer photo’s of Ginny, you can see the rows quite clearly, so I am wondering if it would not be so obvious if it was just a row of tiny holes??