With the arrival of my new slate eyed waif , I now have four girls, although technically I have five because a brunette will be arriving soon. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Here is a photo of the four Ava, Simone, Waif and Callie. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It is so strange how things with Sasha’s go round in circles! I have owned another red haired Slate girl and also a blonde. Both were beautiful Sasha’s and I wish I had kept them especially the red ! But as is usual they were sold on to help fund another Sasha. The one I had the hardest trouble finding and buying was the brunette! Don’t ask me why, that’s just how it happened either when I saw one that appealed I had no funds or it was already sale pending. When I owned two reds I bought them together because I could not decide between them, which should have told me never to sell one of them!,and I again struggled to find a blonde,  bought one who was lovely, then sold her on because I could never remember her name! and did not do anything with her!! I do find that if I cannot remember their names they tend not to stay long? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   So now that I have two blondes and two brunettes I will need to find another Red! I’m blaming Gill because of  her six gorgeous Slate eyed girl photo’s. And I am considering having a go at re rooting my new waif myself!! Yes I did just type that, it’s only the top of her head! How hard can it be? First I need to consult the experts on where to obtain needles and hair etc and how to go about it! Then Paul will have to take the poor girl’s head off! That’s just something I cannot face doing!! but I will say that all those people who re root for others should check their in box after I start, there could be an email requesting the imminent arrival of a half re rooted blonde in need of saving!!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   So here is a closer look at the Slated eyed girls who are awaiting the arrival of their brunette sister and a possible hair op!!
If I do try re rooting I will keep you all informed of my progress or non progress!! You have been warned…