Here I come….. Well Since I received the lovely Lucy and decided that her hair was too good to scalp and so decided to go down the Re rooting path!, I have set about getting information and tips and also the necessary equipment needed to have a go at doing her op myself. So today I have rewashed Lucy’s hair to try and get it as clean as possible before starting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It is still drying. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   You can see that there is a fair bit to do.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   In this photo you can see the front looks a little like a boy’s crew cut, short and tufty! I poured some very hot water on her dent and it appears to have gotten smaller, so may have another go with the kettle tomorrow! She’ll be needing her lip paint either touched up or replaced as having it only on one side does her no favours! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I have bought two length’s of hair, 18 inch and 24 inch in golden ash blonde which is a very good match and you can also see the needle on one of the packets.

So I am ready to have a go at the re-rooting , I will get Paul to remove her head tonight and then I will remove all the short tufts ready to start either tonight or Sunday, as I am working tomorrow morning and having visitors over for the evening, but in truth I cannot wait to get started!!! lets hope I am not wishing I’d never started by midnight!!

I will take photo’s of Lucy’s and my journey into the realms of hair transplant and show you them once the jobs complete!!