I thought you may like to see a photo of some of the dolls waiting around for me to do the next blog post or storyline!

This corner seems to be full of pink! not planned just how the Sasha’s had been put back once used or dressed !
Toby and Zak are squeezed in , waiting for their next appearance with the visitor from Wales!

I need to have a rearrange of the Sasha’s they all seem to be cramped into spaces and not free to show off their clothing or pretty or handsome faces to any visitors.

Paul made me the shelving unit which I was to share with the books etc but also have a few spaces to display the Sasha’s etc nicely but at the moment they are fighting for the light, trampling on each others toes and pushing and generally fed up with being squeezed!



Here is a photo showing how cramped they have gotten ! One of the problems is the space where Hattie is standing on the far right with Albie and a Pram gets the early morning sun when the blind is opened which is why Hattie is standing turned into the side to avoid the sun hitting her, so I may have to rearrange the level and placement of that shelf in order to hopefully be able to use it again.

So that’s another job to add to the list for this weekend ! There is only one problem once I rearrange them and take some out ,where do they go??


There is an alcove the other side of the fireplace….maybe Paul could make me another shelving unit to go there??? We can always put the TV somewhere else???

Well I’m off to count the votes for which hair colour the lovely Ashlyn will be having in her make over.