Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Mum’s starting to get a little worried! It’s beginning to get dark and they have not yet returned from playing in the village with their friends.

Mum decides to give them a few more minutes before sending Dad out with some of the older children to search.

A few more minutes thinks Mum looking at the clock……

Not far from home two little boys are arguing….

”  You know Mum’s going to be mad ”

” She’ll understand she’s not a monster !”

A loud sigh ” I’m worried about what mum’s going to say, if we don’t get home soon”

” I think we should call him Major ! or  Shadow ? ” says an excited voice ” or Champion or…”

“I think we should call him Miracle !”

The other voice snorts ” Miracle! What sort of a name is that!”

” It will be a MIRACLE if Mum lets us keep him and does not send us to bed early forever!”

Laughter fills the evening air ” Stop worrying ! She’ll be fine ..honest she will …I promise  cross my heart ”

for a while alls quiet except for the sound of heavy movement in the long grass ” Major!”
“Major ? ”
“Yes for his name !”
” I agree we’ll call him Major !”

” Come on we’d best hurry ”

” OK don’t keep on !”