The boys are nearing the house when they hear someone coming through the darkness..

“Hello!” a voice calls ” Toby! Zak!”

“There you are! ” says Robin coming upon the boys ” What ! What have you got there?”

“DUH! ” says Toby ” It’s Major!”
” Major who?” says Robin puzzled
” Our horse ” answers Toby, Zak having decided to keep quiet.

“Dad’s just behind me, he’ll be here in a minute!”

Toby and Zak feel a little worried for a moment .

Soon Dad’s arrived and is looking at the pair before him.

“Hi Dad !” calls Toby deciding to go for the nothings wrong Dad’s always out this time of the night looking for late comers ” Look what we’ve got!”

Dad looks at the two boys…………….and the horse that Toby’s balancing on……..he says nothing knowing Toby won’t be able to stop himself from filling the silence.

” Dad Look what we’ve been given ” says Toby into the silence ” We came across Mr Tennison down by the back lane and he was leading Major and mumbling ”
” Yes Mumbling Dad ” chips in Zak
” So I asked him what was wrong ” Toby smiles ” And he said he had to get rid of his children’s horse because they were all grown up and the horse costs too much……” Toby’s voice fades for a moment as he realises what he’s just said, then he quickly carries on ” and he was going to take him to the Glue Factory !” ends Toby in disgust.

” Oh How terrible!” exclaims Robin
” Yes ” states Toby seeing that Robin’s now on their side ” Look at him Dad!”

” I am ” says Dad

Seeing that maybe Dad was coming round to their way of thinking Toby hurries on. ” Honestly Dad the glue factory ! What sort of life would Major have in a glue factory? ”

” A short one” says Robin
“Robin!” says Dad signalling for him to keep quiet  ” What do you think would happen to him at the factory Toby? ” Dad asks.

” Well they’d make him carry all sorts of giant glue pots on a cart ! and probably loads of other heavy things ”
” Yes really heavy Dad ! ” Zak pipes in

“So why is … Major here with you two ? ” asks Dad with a smile

Seeing Dad smile gives Toby all the encouragement he needs ” Well I told Mr Tennison that we had loads of children here who would love a horse and so he gave him to us!”

Dad raises his eyebrow , ” Well not gave exactly ” Toby starts to stumble ” He did ask for payment ”
Dad waits ” Well I said that I  …..well I said that I’d get him some of your plants for his garden ”

” Really ” says Dad ” Just how many plants have to paid for Major? ”
” Just a wheelbarrow full ” says Toby ” that’s not much for such a big horse Dad , now is it? ”

For a while Dad says nothing , then he lifts Zak up and settles him behind Toby on Major’s back

Dad turns and starts walking back with Robin towards the house , Toby and Zak follow slowly on Major’s back.

” Well he didn’t say no! ” whispers Toby………………………………………