I would like to wish everyone who pops into this blog a Happy and Healthy New Year.

WordPress send all bloggers a report of what they have done each year and I am ashamed to say that I have not done that much with this blog this year.

I originally started this blog when I ran of photo space on my first Sasha Village blog but so decided it was easier to pay for photo storage than to work out how this one worked.

But I did try and copy and paste my posts from the first blog on here but must confess when they are very photo heavy it’s too much work to redo on here.

So I will try this year to make sure that I am posting more often, they will not always be the posts from the first blog , it may just be a chatty post or a couple of photo’s and I will still refer to the heavy photo posts on the first blog.

new years 027


You can see from the photo that the Sasha Village clan enjoyed bringing in the new year! Hopefully they’ll come and clear up the mess they have left.