Lucas is training his dog Socks!

“Come on Socks! Fetch!” commands Lucas waving a sock? at his dog Socks!

Socks flips a sock up and it lands on his nose!!
Lucas giggles while Socks struggles to see. Lucas turns to move further into the room.

and sees the large snowman’s head left by the older children on the sofa!
” Wow!” says Lucas in awe at such a big snowman !

“Where you body? ” wonders Lucas looking with delight at the head.

“You mine!” states Lucas going up to the head ” you be in my lection!”

Socks watches closely the socks stored in Lucas’s hood in case one falls and he can fetch it!

Lucas pulls the head down from the sofa.

Lucas grabs the snowman’s hat and pulls him towards the door ” We find you body then you be giant snows man!” he says with glee and heads off in search of a body.
Socks is disappointed that Lucas is not throwing him any more socks! But brightens up when he hears Lucas say something about digging!!

Mossy Peeps out from behind the book and looks at the socks left lying on the floor , Mrs Mum will not be happy about that!.