Some of the bears have gathered round Mr Dad’s computer to catch up on the world news.

“Ooo what a hunk ! ” sighs Aimee ” I’d love to meet him!”
” Me too ” Gertie replies

Edwards shaking his head and tutting at the newsreader bears words
Mossy does not understand a word!

“What’s he saying ? ” asks Mossy looking at the tutting Edward
” Oh Dear Oh dear !” mutters Edward watching the news

” I wonder if he ever goes out and about to do his reports? ” says Aimee
” He could come and report to me any day !” giggles Gertie
” I can report you ” offers Gunther who’s taken a shine to Gertie
But the girls are too full of watching the handsome bear on the Computer screen.

Finishing his  news report Edward freezes the screen and Aimee collapses giggling ” What a hunk! I think I’m in love!”
Gunther is pacing back and forth talking in German with the odd English word thrown in.

“What are you on about Gunther? ” Gertie asks over the giggling Aimee
” March we must !” he says passionately ” To save them March!”
“Uh? ”
Gunther rushes away.

“What’s going on!” demands a worried Mossy
Edward explains that Mrs Digne in Germany is marching to save the little farms and their animals and the bees and their honey ”
While Edward repeats himself as Mossy looks on mystified Gunther returns…

“Come WE GO!” commands Gunther waving his banner ” We help save them!”

“What’s that say? ” asks Gertie
” Fur Gesunde Bienen ! Und Reichlich Honig !” says Gunther
Gertie rolls her eyes ” I can see that!” she states ” But what does it mean!”

” Say Save the bees and the honey!” he states turning and beginning to march off ” Come!”
Gertie looks at the marching Gunther , she thinks he’s quite cute with his fur all ruffled up!
” Come on Aimee lets go march with our Gunther and save the bees ”
” and the honey ” finishes Aimee getting up and following after Gertie and Gunther.

Mossy sits stunned at Edwards words while Edward follows Gunther out of the room asking where they are going to march? for a moment Gunther pauses and then heads towards the Kitchen ” We must check on supplies! ”

Mossy eats his jam tart without even realising while he ponders Edwards words about the bees and the Honey.

No more Honey sandwiches! he’d starve ! A bear cannot live on jam tarts and chocolate and cakes alone! A bear needs HONEY to survive! He makes a decision.

He faces the camera.

“This is an appeal on behalf of all the bees out there! If you want the world to have Honey and pollinate the flowers and save all your ar…. ” He remembers what Mrs Mum said about naughty words ” all your futures! You must do what you can to keep places for the bees in your gardens , fields and farms  !”

He picks up a jam tart, he waves it at the camera ” A bear cannot live by jam tarts alone! We need HONEY and for Honey we need the BEES, so It’s your responsibility to make sure that the bees don’t buzz off!!
Capiche ? ”
He quick demolishes the tart before addressing the camera again

” And Mrs Digne if you are listening ” he says seriously ” Can you send a couple of those chairs your news bear was sitting on , send the bill to Mrs Mum but don’t tell her it was me!” he smiles at the camera
” This is Mossy the green reporting from the Sasha Village, Good evening “