Some of the girls are in the den enjoying some quiet time. Gunther had crashed there after bringing the chair in from the front garden and spent the night sleeping on it.

Paige and Bobby listen while Gunther tells them of his big adventure, of staggering through the snow from the front wall to save Mrs Mum’s bear chair from getting ruined due to the postman dropping the box and if bouncing under a bush.
Luckily, Gunther tells them, he was watching the snow falling so saw what happened and went out to fetch it.

“Well Done Gunther ” Paige praises the little bear ” You deserve to have a nice long rest in the chair”

Gunther smiles happily and says he’l just rest and listen to the story Paige is reading aloud to Bobby.

Gunther stretches out while Paige begins reading the story.

All’s been quiet save for the sound of Paige reading aloud, Gunther is just thinking that this is the life! When…

“Ooo Gunthie! What a lovely chair! ” Aimee’s voice breaks into Gunthers day dreaming!
“Yes ” adds Gertie,” A lovely comfy looking chair it is too!”

Within moments Gunther is out of the Chair and as assisted Grtie into it, while a stunned Aimee looks on!

“Here !” Says Aimee ” There’s plenty of room for two on that chair!”

suddenly Gertie finds herself pushed over to one side whie Aimee makes herself comfortable!

“You need to lay off those Honey Cakes!” says a squashed Gertie trying to move out from under Aimee’s weight.
” Why I barely eat anything ” says Aimee causing Gunther to have to hide a snort of disbelief, he cannot remember the last time he saw a bear with such an appetite like Aimee’s!

While the girls are trying to get comfortable, a voice suddenly demands ” What are you doing in my chair!”
Mossy glares at the girls.
“It is not your chair !” says Aimee
” Yes it is I asked Mrs Digne to send us a chair!”
” No you did not! ” argues Gertie ” Mrs Mum asked and sent the coins for a chair!”

Mossy climbs onto the chair ” It’s my chair so get off!”
” No you get off!” say the girls.
“Come now ” says Gunther ” Lets not fight over this chair!”

“Mossy get down and wait your turn ” says Gunther
“You are not the boss! ” says Mossy and with that he makes his move…

He forces his way into the middle of the chair unbalancing the girls, they are making quite a racket that Violet at the desk looks over and tells them to hush! ” Keep it down ! I’m trying to write my list of seeds I want dad to buy for me!”

Gnther rushes round to the side of the chair to try to save Gertie.

Gertie lands on Gunther whose breath is knocked out of him with a whoosh , Aimee lands on her feet and Violet threatens to have them all removed if they don’t keep the noise down, then goes back to deciding between Pansies or Sweet pea seeds…

“What is going on here!” asks Edward who as come and sat down in disbelief at all the noise.
“Look Gertie, here is Edward we will tell all ! says Gunther

Edward and Diggory sit and listen.

Up on the sofa, Paige,who is Edwards little Miss, explains that Edward will sort it all out! ”

” Well” says Edward once everyone’s had their say ” Mrs Mum would have purchased the chair for the use of ALL the bears, therefore I propose we vote on allowing everyone one a turn starting with the oldest village bear, who I believe is Diggory ”

Just as Edward says ” all those in favour raise a paw!” Mossy throws his paws in the air in anger ” That’s two votes from you is it Mossy ? ” asks Edward with a smile
“NO it is NOT!” Mossy says ” It’s not fair! I asked Mrs Mum to get the chair I should go first! ”
“Well you have already had a go as you are sitting in it now!”
” Am not!”
Edward just looks ” Okay maybe I am but I have only just got comfy I think I should have the rest of the day to test it out!”

” Where was I? oh yes all those in favour raise your paw!”

Diggory is first to raise his paw…to his ear which needs a quick scratch !

“That’s five to one! ” adds Edward ” So Mossy if you’d like to get off the chair so Diggory can have his turn !”
“I demand a recount!” says Mossy
Edward points at each paw ” One Two Three Four and Mine makes Five!”
“Diggory’s just scratching his ear !” argues Mossy..Edward says FOUR to ONE Then !”
“How do I know that FOUR comes after ONE?!” says Mossy ” WELL answer that !”
Edward just gives the look that only Edward can…

Mossy walks off in defeat well , he still plans on asking Mrs Mum who should use his chair first! Edward helps Diggory into the chair, while Gunther offers to get Gertie a nice drink and a honey cake to help her recover from Mossy knocking her off the chair…

Paige calls Edward to her to listen to the story, so Aimee goes to sit with Bobby.

As Paige starts to read Edward thinks to himself ” I do not know why they need a chair when they can sit in the arms of their little Miss and listen to a story told !” he sighs happily

Diggory whose eyesight is very bad since Lucas, when living with the Ice Queen, decided to cut open his head to see what his brain looked like, wonders where everyone’s gone! But this thing he’s sitting on is very comfy so he decides to have forty winks until they return.

Once again all is quiet in the Den, just the soft sound of Paige reading while Diggory snores gently in the new bear chair.


Many thanks to Anne for sending on the chair for the bears, I just hope they don’t decide they need more chairs and a place for their own….