Well the sorting out of all things Sasha is slowing taking shape. I seem to have gone off to the side and am concentrating on selling things as I go, making more space for the thing’s I wish to keep but not clearing the floor as quick as I should but at least it’s heading in the right direction……. well I have sort of how shall I put this….sold quite a few things but also purchased a couple of things!!I have sold much more than I have purchased but this outfit I am going to show you , I well I just had to buy it!! I did look at it on Shelly’s then go away for about ten minutes only to then send Shelly the Can I have if still available email…..and I am so happy that it still was.

I just love the colour Blue always have and always will and when I saw this Ruth Hartley outfit I just had to snap it up. It said it was a little musty from storage, so when it arrived on Saturday , I immediately hung it out on the washing line in the garden, the sun was shinning and the cold breeze blowing and there it stayed until the Hailstones arrived!!
But it had  long enough to have the cold fresh smell now instead of the musty one it arrived with.

So today I decided that I just had to put it on Belle and it’s definitely her!

Such a vibrant colour I love it!

Seeing it on Belle I do not feel guilty about purchasing it! It could have been made for her.

A front view wit raised head.

Sweet little matching shoes.

Yes I think Belle will always have first dibs on this outfit. I will try it on one or two others another time , to see who it else it also suits.

Well I took a few other photo’s while I had access to my Sasha area ( Lindsey’s painting a self portrait right in front of  it as she needs the light! But It stops me getting photo’s done! ) of a couple my other girls.

Agnes is wearing this sailor outfit that used to be Arabella’s but since Arabella moved on, I was thinking of selling it in my clear out but i put it on Agnes and decided that it looks nice on her , so I will keep it.

Now I bought Agnes because of her shorter hair but I am wondering whether to have it cut into a long page boy style? What do you all think?
It’s not a bad length I just think it may sit better and therefore look better if it was about an inch shorter and styled more? All comments welcome about this idea.

So there we have it, to cut or not to cut that is the question!!

Liberty’s also been standing around in this Pine street Studio outfit with Gayle Rotheim boots, I just love the design and pattern of this dress. This is the first time I have used the hat and apron, I think she looks like a sweet little Dutch girl.

Love this photo of her.

Well I have to confess I also received another Brownie uniform and two gingham dresses from Ginny but these are part of a small shipping order I have with her at the moment, so don’t count ;).
A few other items have arrived over the last week but I will share them another day but more’s left than Arrived!! I think !!!

Whilst taking these photo’s I made a surprising discovery!! I now only own two blonde Trendon girls!! I could not quite believe it but I only own Belle ( Belinda ) my 68 single fringe and Bobby by 70’s waif with the tatty hair! No idea how that’s happened? I do know that I think quite a few of the later 70’s /80’s blonde girls all pretty much look alike and that could be why I now only have two very different girls! But I have been eyeing up a blonde Trendon on Shelly’s and now I am wondering if I should take the plunge!!
I may need to do a photo shoot when it’s warmer of all my girls to see exactly what’s evolving in my clan !
The boys I do not need to worry about as they are all Trendon’s apart from Valentine who is the only Gotz.

Well I am going to sign off with a last photo of the beautiful Belle in the very lovely new dress.