Just after the new year I was offered a Sasha. Now I was going to be good and also had Samuel on Shelly’s to pay for but sometimes you have to go with the flow especially when what’s on offer is TOO GOOD TO MISS!
And when it’s a Red haired Sasha I’m 75% there! So I said yes plase and could I have a few weeks to get money together thankfully the answer was yes!
So while I have been having a good clear out the money I have made has gone towards paying for these dolls, first Samuel and now Darcy.Yes the new girl is called Darcy. Allow me to introduce her to you all….

She has the most gorgeous auburn hair, hard to see in a photo.

Still with a beautiful wave in her hair !

And here she is Darcy my new red haired No Navel girl! That’s the other 25% that’s going to grab my attention!

She is in almost mint condition .

How can you not love these girls? They are my favourite of the Gotz girls especially the reds.

Darcy is wearing a Plum gingham dress by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, Jean Jensen shoes and unknown maker socks. I just love this Plum gingham dress by Ginny.

So another red haired girl joins the Village Clan and a No Navel at that, I am one very very happy Mrs Mum this morning 🙂