Of course I took a few to find at least one!!

Some of the girls were wearing the spring colours I wanted, yellow, green and blue. I had received another gingham checked dress in Moss green and do you think I could find where I had put it? NO!
I really must pay more attention when I put things in a safe place!!
So giving up on adding another girl to the mix I when with these four.

Sapphire and Caitlin were first to stand by the Japanese Cherry tree.

I think the colours in the dresses suit the background.

Paige and Ashley have joined the others .


a wider view , you can see the corner of the greenhouse up on the left.


so now today Monday with the weather being hopefully if they got the forecast right, the best dry day of the Easter weekend, I am off to help Paul re roof the workshop, so that my Sasha Studio will finally get closer!

Not a lot of movement in these photos apart from the camera but I thought I would share them anyway. Plus I really must do better next Easter and prepare my photo’s in advance! I am sure I have at least one other yellow/lemon outfit and I finally found the other green gingham…..