and so the song begins…..

Alfie’s standing guard! He can sense something about to happen…Whitby asks him if everything is ok?
Alfie just growls under his breath in warning ………

Several hours later when the bears are off with their little Misses and Masters or in the kitchen worrying  Mrs Mum for Honey sandwiches and cakes, with the dogs around their paws hoping for any falling crumbs……

“Zak push it harder!” demands Toby ” Or give it a lift and push at the same time ,that should help!”
” YOU push it harder!” says Zak sounding exhausted

“You think that bear would have woken up by now! ” says Toby amazed at the little sleeping Hugo.
“Yes ” agrees Zak” especially when you dragged it over all those big bumps on the grass!”
“It’s probably that bears that’s making it so heavy !” says Toby
Zak shakes his head in disbelief ” He’s only tiny!”
” I bet he weights a TON!”
Zak just rolls his eyes ” and No we are not dumping him on the ground!”
Toby sulks for a minute..

Finally Toby joins Zak back at the bench.

“Right ” says Zak ” On three we both lift and give it a big push!”
” Ok ” agrees Toby ” When I say three..”
“Why do you get to say three!”
” Because I am in charge !”
“Says who? ”
” Me! Now on …

“THREE ” shouts Zak lifting and pushing making Toby quickly have to do the same!

“Are we nearly there ? ” gasps Zak winded from lifting and pushing the bench
” Yes , just down here through the formal box garden , through the Lychgate and down round to near the damp garden…… ”

” z z z z z z ”
” …then over to the new paving….”

It suddenly goes quiet except for the sound of some very tiny snores and two boys sighing..

” I quite like this bench here ” sighs Zak with a groan

” I was just thinking the same thing! ” replies Toby with a large yawn.

” They did give me some chocolate to take it to the new paving area ” ponders Toby ” But it was not a lot of chocolate ”
“What chocolate ? ” asks Zak

” It was just a small bar of Cadbury’s ” says Toby ” I saved us a square each for when we finished ”
” A square ” a stunned Zak says ” each!”
” Well of course ” says Toby smiling ” I knew it would only be fair to give you a piece ”
Toby walks away whistling , while Zak sighs , I suppose I should be grateful he actually kept me a piece!, he mutters

“What about Hugo? ” calls Zak looking at the sleeping bear
“I’m sure he’ll come back to the house once he wakes up ” answers Toby ” I wonder if we can get another bar of chocolate off the girls to carry it the rest of the way? ” he muses walking off.
Zak looks worriedly at the tiny sleeping bear…..

Gently picking Hugo up, Zak rests him on his shoulder, thanking goodness that it’s only tiny Hugo and not one of the bigger heavier bears. Hugo sleepily opens one eye, sees a familiar sweater and smells a familiar smell and drifts off back to sleep …………..he was having such an action packed dream……..