Well thank goodness today is lovely and cool! It’s bright but cloudy which is great! I can now get on with a few things.
First up are some of the birthday presents I received.

The twins have finally been changed from their winter wear into these two new dresses. Violet is wearing the Green parrot print dress given to me by Gill and Sapphire is wearing the Blue parrot print dress I bought with some of my birthday money.

Meredith’s joined the twins to show off the first Parrot dress I bought from Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, that made me want another couple.Love the summer style of these dresses.

A closer look at these brunette girls.

Next up is Sophie Elizabeth who was also still in winter wear with included a COAT! Yes bad mother but now she is lovely and cool and beautiful in this set by Sarah of Vintage Sasha that Steve very kindly gave me for my Birthday.

I just love this fabric and I love how Sarah’s added that contrasting collar and hem.Beautiful .

Sophie is so happy to be the first to wear this lovely outfit.

Yet another girl who was waiting for a change from her winter clothes is Callie who gets to show off the gorgeous dropped waist dress set by Sarah of Vintage Sasha that Kendal gave me for my birthday, it even came with a pair of socks by Gill that matched perfectly!

I love the blues of this dress set suits Callie’s red hair perfectly.

A closer look.

Some of my birthday cards from my Sasha friends, of Sasha’s, little darlings, Westies and Gardens, you know me so well, all my favourites things !.

Many thanks for the lovely cards and presents and Birthday wishes I received. I have been very spoilt and I like it!! lol

I did receive some more money which I have put to Sasha use and I’ll show that purchase soon.

Well a little more catching up..

Also waiting for a change from winter wear was Nancy, I bought this lovely dress set from Sarah of Vintage Sasha a while back and now the warmer weathers here have used it.

The dusky pink sandals by Rosie Bloomfield are a perfect match to the pink in the dress.

Nancy is my only pale later Gotz girl ,with beautiful long brunette hair.

Zak who was in a sweater and cords until I changed him into the great shorts set I got from Judith at Dawn’s, I so wanted another set for Toby but the only other set was ORANGE!!! I very nearly considered buying it but in the end could not bring myself to do it!
So I am hoping Judith will be making these sets in other colour ways like, Turquoise, Red and Yellow, so that I can get Toby a set.