They call us no noses
but we don’t agree
look we do have them




Some people are wicked !
and call us Monkey face!
We’d like to meet them
Any time , anywhere , any place!!

Our new Mum does love us
and our new Dad too!
So we don’t really worry
about those of you..

Who cannot see these buttons
Petite. oh so small
That sit on our faces
Just like you all

So to call us no noses
Is wrong don’t you see
for right here before you
are buttons one two and three!

So please think more kindly
before you shout out
Look that’s a No nose !
Standing about!

We don’t call you pug face !
Freckles or red!
Nor shorty, lanky, spam head
other nasty things said

So please call us Button noses
from this day on
Then we will be happy and
you won’t be wrong!

So thank you most kindly
For reading our rhyme
It was very good of you
to take the time

So see what we’re saying
and showing you too
That noses are important
to both me and you.