A while back I showed you a couple of blouses I received from the talented Frances Trickett.

I felt they had a forties/fifties feel about them, so I asked Sarah if she could make me a couple of pairs of cropped trousers to go with the.

I sent this close up photo so that Sarah could decide what colours would suit, we settled on a dark blue and a taupe.

They arrived on Saturday and today I finally had a chance to try them on.

The blouses are fitted to the waist , so I needed two of the smaller girls to show them off, so up stepped Ginny and Paige.

The girls were very happy to be models for the outfits.

In fact Paige decide to direct the shoot! Explaining to Ginny that they should stand side ways on so people could see the line of the outfits!

So that’s what they did! Paige whispering that they were not to smile but look serious!

I barely got a chance to snap a few frames before Paige was back talking softly yo Ginny recommending that she now go to the front and She’s stand behind, so people could see Ginny’s outfit clearly!

Ginny was very impressed with Paige’s knowledge of modelling ! And so was I ! I had no idea she knew anything about it!

So then they were standing like little statues why I snapped away, not a movement..totally still I was stunned!

I went in for a close up….not a movement.. not a blink….

Then as if someone had shouted CUT! They both relaxed and turned towards me! Paige had not finished with me yet ” Mum these shoes are not the right colour ”
” Black nice and neutral ”
” No Mum !” sighed Paige ” Mine should be navy and Ginny’s taupe !”
I found myself mumbling an apology! Explaining that I only had the black slip on’s, they were classic to the era!
Paige gave me a stare , then moving Ginny back towards the house said ” It’s the detail Mum It’s the details!”……….

It took me a couple of minutes before I could pick my camera up and go inside knowing I had been put in my place……


Meanwhile ….. later they came back out wearing…

“Come on Mum! ” says Paige ” You need to try them with socks!”

” Well I’m not sure about the socks” I say carefully  ” I think they look okay with Ginny’s but not sure about with yours!”
I get the stare from Paige…. ” This was the fashion in the fifties , don’t you remember ? ”

” Why you cheeky minx ! I was not old enough to wear that type of outfit then”
Paige gives a sneaky smile  ” But you were born then….. ”
It’s my turn to give her the stare!

“Well I think we’ll leave it and see what everyone else thinks ” says Paige ” I bet lots of them were dressed like this in the forties and fifties ”
Laughing she runs off closely followed by Ginny who just wants to escape any fallout !

That Paige is turning in a cheeky little madam! Reminds me of another red head who lives in this village, lord help us if we have two of them….