Only 24 days to Christmas!!  Still does not seem like that time of year ! I wonder if people are tired of Christmas? If we are it’s because of all the years before when Christmas started in October with the shops full of Christmas goods.
At least now they are no longer filling our days so early with Christmas Cheer.

So to start off Christmas in the Village Claudia is wearing a beautiful Christmas smocked dress
by Kath Barnett.

I love the red Poinsetta’s on this dress with the brown of the cones with the green leaves and tiny gold detail to give it a Christmas sparkle.I had to buy it as soon as I saw it.

Beautiful smocking. It came with a sun hat which is also lovely but I feel gives it a summer look and so we are leaving it off for now to keep with the Christmas spirit of  winter weather here in England.

So December the start of Winter, well I hope everyone is looking forward to the Christmas break later this month and relaxing or partying. If I my darling Dad was still alive he’d have been celebrating his birthday on 22nd, he was an early Christmas gift to his parents, who had lost a few babies before he arrived and survived to become their only child. My grandmother so wanted a girl that she let his hair grow long and it fell in long pale gold ringlets until my granddad decided enough was enough and took him off for a hair cut at the ages of  2.But he made up for it by making them the grand parents to one boy but FOUR girls ! and I have to confess I was the apple of my Granddad’s eye.

So to all those celebrating a Birthday this month, I wish you well and many happy returns for a lovely day of joy and laughter.