Elfine just sits waiting
her fate she’s yet to know
When down the hall is coming
a person whose unknown

The door is pushed open
a head appears around
Elfine sits up straighter
her fate about to bound

Then seeing whose just entered
Elfine’s shoulders do relax
It only that moanie Reuben
mumbling loads of facts

With just a glance about him
he takes in all that’s happened
He hurries to the sofa
to study all the patterns

The apple big and golden
the child short of breath
the elfish Princess waiting
the stillness of her chest

“If you’ve hurt MY Hattie
I’ll see that you do fall
Into a deep crevasse
never to be seen at all”

Then turning back to Hattie
He studies all the signs
Thank goodness he’d come down
he’s just arrived in time

“Go out into the garden
and bring in mistletoe
Ivy and a banana
Don’t just sit there GO!”

Elfine gathers up her magic
she’s just about to strike
when suddenly she remembers
and off she goes to hike

She rushes out and gathers
everything he’d asked
despite her being fairy
and it should be his task

Once returned she finds him
standing with a book
He asks her has she got them
she gives him such a look

Taking up the Ivy,
the Mistletoe and such
he binds them all together
then beats them to a mush

He chants some strange new language
reading as he goes
he takes up the mush
and spreads it on her toes!

” Now we wait and hope
that what I’ve done is right
you’d best bend you head
and pray that she’s alright”

D Owen