that can be the only reason that Millie is wearing the new dress she chose after I finally agreed that she was staying in the village.

She said due to all the unnecessary fear and stress I had put her through in the last couple of month it was only right and proper that I allow her to chose a new winter dress.

Well I had  her up for sale a few times and turned down a few offers for her, so therefore keeping her waiting to find out her fate. So I agreed and this is her revenge!

No do not adjust the colour setting on your computer that is an O…O..O.Orange dress she’s wearing!
The child, now she’s safe, tells me she’s an orange kind of girl!! I knew she liked bright vibrant colours, I like them myself but orange!!

She tells me that as soon as she saw this outfit she just ‘knew’ it was meant to be hers! So she contacted Petrana and did a deal !

Then she says quite casually ” I wonder if Lisa has any Orange boots? ”  Luckily Paul was around to slap my back to stop me choking on the piece of biscuit that had shot down my throat the wrong way , when I drew in my breath in shock!

Once recovered I explained that ,that dress was only saved by the beautiful blue flower blossoms and no Oran.. boots would be entering this house any time soon! and she’d best find the tangerine/apricot Jj shoes if she wanted a change from the blue ones she was wearing.

I don’t know , you save them from the adoption list and this is how they repay you ! Well I’m off to search all the Sasha clothes makers for a bright dress that does not have that O colour anywhere near it! Wish me luck…