Sitting waiting hoping
praying pleading when
Hattie eyes start to flutter
her breathing louder then

She shoots up on the sofa
a squeal she gives out
” My feet are burning quickly
whats this all about!”

Shaking her legs madly
the mush it drops right off
she swings them round
to the ground complete at a loss

Her brain  starts to remember
just the night before
then looking round she spies it
sitting on the floor

The big old shiny apple
making not a sound
pretends to be all innocent
just big and fat and round

Then she looks over
Elfine is sitting near
her eyes are big and in them
there appears a tear

“I never meant to hurt you
I was looking for some fun
It’s the witch’s fault
please don’t tell your mum!”

Hattie’s anger mounting
she tries to calm it down
looking at Elfine
she lays the law right down

“The fault is yours no others
it’s you that played the trick
your lucky Reuben came along
I should beat you with a stick!”

” But I hope you’ve learn a lesson
that tricks can go so wrong
and danger is just waiting to
sing it’s awful song ”

“Now take away that apple
and see that’s it’s destroyed
We don’t want any others
falling in that void”

Elfine does her wishes
thankful that she’s safe
A lesson learned? I wonder
there’s a smile upon her face.

Looking now for Reuben
she spies him at the door
he turns , grins , lifts his chin
gone and seen no more

Stretching arms to heaven
Hattie is filled with joy
thank goodness for the old gruff bear
He’s not a bad old boy

And so the dangers over
and Christmas can begin
so no more rhyming stories
hooray! pass the biscuit tin!

the end

D Owen