Some how Edward and Mossy managed to escape from the zoo and catch up with that tike Lucas!

Edward could not decide if this was a good or a bad thing!

“Isn’t this great !” calls Lucas laughing

” That nasty old teacher gonna have to let me be a king now! and you can be the other kings!” says Lucas gleefully.

“Let’s practice … We three kings of Orient are… ”

” All singing now!” demands Lucas waving his hand

” Bearing gifts we travel sooo farrrrr ”

“You’ll be travelling to prison that’s where you’ll be travelling young Lucas, if you don’t agree to turn these animals round and take them back to the zoo ” argues Edward sternly
Lucas ignores him , busy enjoying himself ”  O star of wonder, star of night, star of royal beauty bright!”

“LUCAS!” shouts Edward losing his temper, behind him Mossy follows mumbling.. ” Why do I have to have this plain ole crown! I want one with points like that! It’s just not fa..”
Without turning Edward growls ” You”ll have no need of a crown when they slam the prison door shut on you for stealing a camel ! ”
“Pardon! I did not steal a camel! That boy did , he took them all not me!”
“Well when they catch you on one , they’ll not worry about who took, it just that you are riding it! ”
” I’m getting off this camel right now!” say Mossy looking about for somewhere to jump down onto, but the ground seems very far way for a little bear!

“Born a King on Bethlehem’s plain…Gold I bring to crown him again ”
“I’ll crown you young Lucas if you don’t turn these beasts about and head back Now!
Edward tries to turn his beast ” tut tut , ” he pulls on the rope to try and turn him but the camel just spits and pulls back and carries on following his mother in front.

” Why me ! why” says Edward forlornly giving up and resting against the little camels hump knowing it’s going to be a long night… which would probably end with him in prison….