Magda, Anoushka and Olivia finally agreed to change out of their pj’s and into some clothes!

They really could do with some cardigans but say the house is warm enough.

Olivia’s had a little growing spurt and is now slightly taller than her sisters much to her delight!

They settle down in the family room and Maga picks up the ipad .
” I wonder if they can put extra beds in Mum and Dad’s room ?”
“Why would we want extra beds upstairs in the parents room? ” asks Anoushka mystified
Magda rolls her eyes ” Not upstairs silly! In the hotel ! In May ” she waves the ipad at them I’m going to email the hotel and check, we don’t want to have to share a bed with Hattie and Lucas!”
The other nod in agreement

“and Ollie will need a bed too!” says Olivia
Anoushka looks at her ” Ollie cannot come there won’t be enough room!”
” But he’s my twin, he must come or I’ll miss him”
Anoushka looks annoyed ” But if he comes that new boy Wolfie’s going to want to come too and then probably Peter ! It’s bad enough Mum’s taking Lucas without loads of boys coming!”
Olivia gives Anoushka a hard stare ” Oliver is not a boy he’s my twin! and he cannot be left behind , maybe you should stay behind!”
” He is a boy! ” says Anoushka her voice rising ” and a stupid one at that.. do you….”
Magda sighs , she only wanted to know if the hotel had some extra beds for the kids!
Suddenly Anoushka stops shouting…

a vision in pale lemon as appeared and is walking across the room..

she seems to glide across the room smiling at all she sees and nodding!

” Who is that ” whispers Anoushka to Olivia
” No idea !” she whispers back ” I bet Mum knows !”
Anoushka nods in agreement , then as the young girl vanishes out the door, she says ” Why don’t YOU stay home with Twinie!”
Magda decides to leave them to it and email the hotel and check about rooms and beds etc…or no one will be going anywhere !


This is Lydia a Girl for all time doll, she’s from the Georgian period. I have wanted her for a long time and bought her for myself from Paul for Christmas but then he decided he’s rather give me a Radley handbag I was after , so i put her away and almost forgot I had her ! So finally today she was removed from her box.

Being a History lover these dolls so appeal to me. I do love the Georgian period and the Regency and the medieval and Tudor, so pretty much covered by these dolls. I may need a nice Georgian room setting for them…… later this year… maybe….