The unusually mild weather is over and the temperature is dropping as Winter finally decides to make an appearance !

And it is on this chilly Winter day that a newcomer to the Sasha Village arrives.

Tapping loudly on the door they await for  someone to come let them in.

At least they appear to be dressed for the cold chilly weather but wait ! They’d don’t have any socks on! Their feet must be freezing !

“Come on I am freezing ” mutters the newcomer , at last they can hear someone coming, the door begins to open

Ollie looks out ” B…! Oh sorry your not … Can I help ? ”
” Yes you can help by letting me in out of this freezing English wind!” says the newcomer

“I have traveled a long way to live here and it’s gotten very cold this last couple of days! ” says the boy ” So can I come in? ”
” Of c c course of c c course ” stammers Ollie excitedly ” C come in c c come in!”

The new boy smiles sympathetically at his new brother who appears to have a stammer !” Thank you
It will be lovely to get out of this cold wind”

Ollie steps forward and gives him a hug, then stepping back says ” I am so happy!” he grins  ” You look just  l… l… like my friend B.. B.. Bertie ! ”
The boy smiles back at his excited new brother ” Then this Bertie must be a handsome lad!” he laughs ” Just joking , I’m Peter and you ? ”
“I’m Oliver but everyone calls me Ollie !”

“Well Ollie It’s great to meet you and maybe you could take me to my new mum, so that I can get a warm drink and something to eat and maybe have a rest? ”
“Oh sorry ” gasps Ollie ” Come on, lets get you settled , I can’t wait for you to meet Wolfie !”
Peter looks a little worried ” Wolfgang ,he’s a Button boy just like us and there are three girls and now we have three boys! ,c come on c c come on.. ”
Peter shuts the door carefully, behind him, just checking all’s well , then turns to follow his new brother … thank goodness Wolfie’s a brother and not a real Wolf that would have made for a slight problem……