We went to visit our friends Tom and Kim for dinner last night and so we also swapped Christmas presents.

I received these two great hessian bags with photo’s of my Sasha’s on them.

On this bag the image is printed on and it’s three of my No Navel girls.

With this back the photo is placed inside in a holder, so you could change the photo if you wish.

So two perfect bags to carry my Sasha’s and their clothes etc around in.

We also received

Two lovely Emma Bridgewater mugs complete with our names on.

and something I never knew was they also put the name on the bottom of the mug !

So the perfect presents and if I tell you that we gave them two Emma Bridgewater mugs, the ones for the East Anglia Childrens Hospice and a monsters inc back packet for Kim’s dolls , she collect’s mainly Kidz n Cats, we could almost say SNAP!

We left around 11 pm and opened their front door to SNOW!!! yes SNOW! so it snowed all the way home but was not really settling much.

But I got up to  this, this morning !

The front garden



Next doors front garden.

So I have a whole week off and when does it decide to snow? on Saturday night at the end of my  week!!  I just hope it’s gone by Tuesday!!

Sorry about these posts arriving in groups but I have now caught up and will try not to get so far behind again 🙂