The household are still in bed when a certain newcomer lets himself out of the front door.

Jamie is carefully shutting the front door trying not to make a sound. Suddenly someone coughs ! He freezes!

turning slowly he looks behind him…

He can just make out one of the boys and bears who found him yesterday.

“Going somewhere ? ” asks Gunther with a big grin , the boy Percy looks tired.

” I left something in the woods, I need to go get .. mm it ” says Jamie
“It’s okay ” says Percy looking up ” Gunther knew there was someone else there, so we went out early this morning to get them ”

” She was very tired , so she’s in my hood ”

“You should have told us!” says Gunther sternly ” she’s been out all night alone!”
“Jamie looks sad ” I did not know if it was safe! You could have been as bad as the people we escaped from!”
Gunther relaxes his shoulders ” True you did not know, but now you do and we have saved you a trip and brought your companion home to you !”

Jamie goes to Percy’s hood and strokes the the head peeping from it ” Hello you ” he says softly
The head ignores him, he tries again ” I see you have found an interesting way to arrive ”
A small black eye looks at him ” No thanks to you! ”

Jamie looks pleadingly at the black eye that’s staring at him accusingly ” I could not bring you in until I knew it was safe, you know that…. don’t you.. ”
The eye blinks and a big fat tear appears and rolls down a furry cheek ” I .. I.. know.. but it was so dark when you left me !”

Gunther was about to interrupt as he wanted his breakfast and to tell the others of Percy and his adventure and rescue of Jamie’s companion but decided it was best to wait a moment longer.

“So… ” says the voice getting stronger ” Is it safe? are we to stay? ”
“Yes and Yes ” replies Jamie brightening ” and are you to be forgiving me and coming out of poor tired Percy’s hood? ”

Suddenly Percy’s hood is nice and light and Jamie hands are full of reddish pink fur !
” Your bear looks very familiar ” says Percy trying to work out why
” Really , for sure my bear is one of a kind! ” laughs Jamie.
” Lovely Lovely ” says Gunther heading towards the door ” There are honey sandwiches , muffins and hot mead with our names on, lets get inside before all those others scoff the lot!”

Percy and Gunther race inside both talking at once to try and be the first with their tale. Jamie finds himself alone with his bear,
It’s snuggling so close he can just about breathe !
” I’m sorry I left you ” he whispers into the fur ” I’ll never do it again, I did not sleep a wink last night for worrying about you !”

The little bear snorts ” I could hear ya snoring from them woods ! it was so loud!”
Jamie grins with relief his bear was back to its’ cantankerous old self ” and you can stop that grinning lad and find me some food, those pair hardly bought enough to fill ma big toe never mind ma belly!”
Laughing Jamie carries his hungry bear inside , he hopes they have set a large table of food for breakfast!