On the face book group they are doing a week of ‘Lurkers’ those dolls left at the back of the shelf/ cupboard because they’ve not bonded with them or have favourites that get more attention.

Well Calico Kate here is a favourite and has been standing in front of the Dvd’s, so in view , however I realised that she’d not had a change of clothes since the summer!

Mind you she did look good in what she was wearing , but since most of the others , if not all have been changed once if not twice since then, I thought it only fair that she got to wear the new dress from Ginny of a passion for Sasha.

So we went outside as the sun was shinning ,although there was a cool breeze, to take a quick couple of photo’s before I went out to an appointment.

Callie is one of the first slate eyed dolls I ever bought, so has been with me a good four or five years and is one of my keeper dolls.

I went looking for the box of socks as I am sure I have a pair that would match this dress but as usual I could not find it and since I was in a hurry and did not want to miss the light , I hopped for this pair of double strap Jean Jensen shoes which are also a great match.

I think she’s pleased to finally be getting a little attention! I’d best check if anyone else is still in clothes from way back into last year!