Ginny at A Passion for Sasha on and her boys clothes.

For me Ginny is the perfect maker of smart boys wear. I had to start with this outfit by Ginny worn here by Ragnor.
The detail in the shirt is exactly as you would get if this was for your real son or husband and I just love the colour and style of this shirt that teams perfectly with the cords also by Ginny. The only difference for the cords for a person is they’d want a zip!

The colour suits Ragnor so well.

Next up is Robin in another of Ginny’s shirts and cords.

Robin is another fan of Ginny’s store.

and here’s Erik in another shirt and cords by Ginny, he prefers the collar up!

Erik likes Ginny’s shirts.

and here are all the boys together.

looking good boys, best stay away from any mud! while you are in those fine clothes.

It’s a little chilly, you’d best put on some sweaters…. Pardon? you cannot wear sweaters with the shirts or they’ll get creased…. well they can be ironed….. why are you laughing…. stop pointing at the huge pile of ironing, I’ll be starting on that tomorrow…. excuse me! I did not say that last week ! Pardon.. well… okay…mmm .. okay.. I did say that last week … but I was working last week , this week I’m home…yes.. so I will know what’s going on..

Yes I will know if your clothes are all over your bedroom floor… so you need to go do something? yes of course don’t let me stop you… I’ll be up in a moment to get your washing.. pardon? oh you’ll bring it down.. I thought you might! 🙂
Many thanks to the lovely Ginny of a passion for sasha on for keeping our boys well dressed and also our girls and babies but that’s another post or two…..