It’s Trendon boy week on the face book group, so I decided that I’d take some up to date photo’s of the boys as I put them on,

I have started with Tobias and Zackery or as they are usually called Toby and Zak.

These lads are the same but so different. Toby was the first boy I ever bought, so hlds a very special place in the village family. When he arrived he smelt awful! not so much him as his hair! But having heard all the horror stories of brunette dolls hair falling , I was too worried at that time to consider the thought of washing it.

He’d come from an estate sale in the US and I did wonder if I’d made a big error in his purchase. Paul the DH told me to leave him out in th garden to air!! It was February near March, if I remember,  correctly ! Still cold with only the wintry sun shining on the good days. He’d been given a good wash of the body but the hair!! nasty, so I wrapped him in a thick towel to keep him warm !

And yes I did worry about him getting cold! and placed him on a table sheltered from any rain in the Gazebo for several hours each day. It took a good while but his hair stench receded and finally disappeared all together.

Zak on the other hand arrived in his original outfit in lovely , or so I thought, condition a few years later. I’d seen him on ebay for a nice low price so bought him. He’d been living here several months when I was holding him one day and realised that he had a big red mark running down the side of his hand!
Then I noticed he had a clear substance on one of his feet covering his toes and a mark on his leg! Observance is not one of my talents!

since his arrival , Toby and him have been the best of friends and brothers. Toby full of mischief and disaster and Zak his quiet saviour!
The village would nt be the same without them